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Steve Situm
CEO, Designer of the AV24

Over 30 years of aircraft design / recently completed airfoil series for Avocet’s four-seater and wing design for U. S. Dept. of the Interior

Ian Burnham
CMO, Prototype Engineer

Over 25 years of building kit planes / certified aircraft parts design / certified aircraft mechanic

Tami Kuhnhofer

34 years in business management / integrates manufacturing needs with a strong financial plan

Rick Hooker

Engineer at Lockheed Martin Skunk Works, NASA Langley, and Boeing / leads the AV24’s computational fluid dynamics team

Red Jensen

Director of the Dale Reed Subscale Flight Research Lab at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center / research leading to the life-saving Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System for the U. S. Air Force

Multiple teams of engineers contributed to the structural, mechanical, aerodynamic, and aeroelastic design of the AV24. Avocet has also invested years of planning into creating the business infrastructure that will support our customers and the manufacturing of our aircraft.