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Avocet Aircraft Kit-Planes
The AV24
Clean-sheet design program creating better dynamic stability
New airfoil series developed for increased control and lower drag

Computational fluid dynamics including dynamic stability using USM3D Navier-Stokes.

Finite element analysis completed.  CFR-title 14, subpart 23 using AGATE design allowables.

Safety and Performance

Predictable flight characteristics with excellent spin resistance and recovery
Fast deploying whole-plane parachute system as an option
200 KTAS @10,000 ft. with fixed gear, excellent utility, and an LSA stall speed


Design V-Speeds
VS0 Stall - w/Flaps @1400 lbs 50 mph TAS @2000 ft
VS1 Stall - Clean @1400 lbs 55 mph TAS @2000 ft
VH Max Level Flight 230 mph TAS @10,000 ft (stock IO-375)
VH Max Level Flight 250 mph TAS @10,000 ft (Ly-con modified IO-360)
Design Loading and Flight Envelope
Limit Load @ Gross Weight +6/-3 Gs (+1.5 safety factor)
VFE Max Full Flaps 100 KIAS
Weights and Dimensions
Empty Weight 1095 lbs
Gross Weight 1840 lbs
Wing Span 28.7 ft
Wing Area 114.85 sq ft
Wing Loading @ Gross Weight 16.02 lbs per sq ft
Wing Aspect Ratio 7.17
Washout .8053°
Aircraft Length 21.46 ft
Height 8.15 ft
Cabin Width 46 in
Fuel 46 gal
Baggage 107 lbs


Precise cradles and jigs for a fast, accurate build
Currently tooling up for production of our first model, the AV24