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Avocet Aircraft Kit-Planes
The AV24
Clean-sheet design program creating better dynamic stability
New airfoil series developed for increased control and lower drag

Computational fluid dynamics including dynamic stability using USM3D Navier-Stokes.

Finite element analysis completed.  CFR-title 14, subpart 23 using AGATE design allowables.

Preliminary and critical design reviews completed including structural design.

Safety and Performance

Predictable flight characteristics with excellent spin resistance and recovery
Highest IO-360 speed while having a 50 mph stall with standard flaps


Design V-Speeds
VS0 Stall - w/Flaps @1400 lbs 50 mph TAS @2000 ft
VS1 Stall - Clean @1400 lbs 55 mph TAS @2000 ft
VH Max Level Flight 230 mph TAS @10,000 ft (stock IO-360)
VH Max Level Flight 250 mph TAS @10,000 ft (Ly-con modified IO-360)
Design Loading and Flight Envelope
Limit Load @ Gross Weight +6/-3 Gs (+1.5 safety factor)
VFE Max Full Flaps 100 KIAS
VNE Not to Exceed Speed 225 KIAS (315 mph TAS @10,000 ft)
Weights and Dimensions
Empty Weight 1095 lbs
Gross Weight 1840 lbs
Wing Span 28.7 ft
Wing Area 114.85 sq ft
Wing Loading @ Gross Weight 16.02 lbs per sq ft
Wing Aspect Ratio 7.17
Washout .8053°
Aircraft Length 21.46 ft
Height 8.15 ft
Cabin Width 46 in
Fuel 46 gal
Baggage 107 lbs


Precise cradles and jigs for a fast, accurate build
Tooling and part manufacturing phase started
Certified material construction